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I create outrageously tasty pizza recipes!
I’ve been making pizza since a very young age. I am inspired by my family recipes to create the pizzas you find on the shelves!
The Vegan Gardener is a classic margherita pizza with a vegan twist!



Good at pretending I know what I’m talking about.
I once held my breath underwater for 2 minutes and 43 seconds. I haven’t managed it since.
I love them all but the new flavour we just launched (The Rainbow Vegan) is definitely up there.


Head of Sales

Helping to spread the word (and sales!) of our incredible pizza brand.
I’m extremely competitive and I take great satisfaction at beating Nick at any opportunity.
The Mozzarella Master is a cheeky twist on a classic which hits the spot every time!


Head of Operations

I make sure the plates are all spinning together so that our operations run smoothly.
I once camped for a month on a volcano so I could co-author a journal on Snæfellsjökull’s glacier in Iceland.
Vegan Arrabbiata – I love the spicy fake-chicken pieces!


Production Manager

I make sure that the production process is carried out in an impeccable way like Willy Wonka in the chocolate factory.
I’m constantly greeted by people I don’t know because they mistake me for my twin brother.
I love the authenticity and simplicity of the Mozzarella Master.


Head of Finance

I make sure the inputs in the calculators make cents.
I single handily attempted to introduce canaries to the British wildlife population by releasing my pet canary Zazzoo.
The Smokin’ vegan – because you just cant fault it


Brand & Category Manager

I analyse our sales and turn them into steers for our pizza recipes and development.
I am in fact The Terminator; I have a metal plate behind my nose and cheeks.
The Smokin’ Vegan is hard to beat, although I’m very excited about our future plans as my absolute favourite is yet to hit the shelves.


National Account Manager

Not only driving sales in the UK but going for world domination- watch this space!
I have trekked from one side of Costa Rica to the other
Smokin Vegan, but really excited for the Christmas pizza- The Vegan Festive Feast!


Assistant Brand Manager

Chief maker of fun, making sure everyone knows about the awesome products we make!
I am a dab hand at juggling, but only 3 objects.
The Vegan Gardener – pesto kale? Say no more…

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