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I create outrageously tasty pizza recipes!
I’ve been making pizza since a very young age. I am inspired by my family recipes to create the pizzas you find on the shelves!
The Vegan Gardener is a classic margherita pizza with a vegan twist!



Good at pretending I know what I’m talking about.
I once held my breath underwater for 2 minutes and 43 seconds. I haven’t managed it since.
I love them all but the new flavour we just launched (The Rainbow Vegan) is definitely up there.


Head of Operations

I make sure the plates are all spinning together so that our operations run smoothly.
I once camped for a month on a volcano so I could co-author a journal on Snæfellsjökull’s glacier in Iceland.
Vegan Arrabbiata – I love the spicy fake-chicken pieces!


Production Manager

I make sure that the production process is carried out in an impeccable way like Willy Wonka in the chocolate factory.
I’m constantly greeted by people I don’t know because they mistake me for my twin brother.
I love the authenticity and simplicity of the Mozzarella Master.


Head of Sales

My team and I make sure our products can be found in all the places that shoppers are looking to find them, from supermarkets, to restaurants and pubs!
Mozzarella Master – hands down the best pizza available in supermarkets.


Supply Chain Manager

I make sure all of our delicious products arrive to our customers on time.
I absolutely love food and enjoy trying all of Teo’s tasty new recipes.
Garlicky Focaccine – the perfect side for a pizza night!



I help find new White Rabbits to help make and produce our pizzas.
When I was pregnant I had cravings for tuna mayo and peanut butter on toast.
Tagliatelle Bolognese – full of flavour and really really filling.


National Account Manager

I look after some of our key grocery partners to ensure they have our products! I also hunt down new opportunities to get more products in new places.
Grade 8 Piano.
Garlicky Focaccine – always been my favourite!


Production Manager

I optimize the production line so that the pizzas are produced at the right time.
I’m a person who loves the freedom of exploring the world on my motorcycle.
Mozzarella Master is my favourite!


Finance Director

I lead a team of number crunchers and make sure everything adds up, literally and figuratively.
I once spent a week trekking through the Bornean jungle.
Tagliatelle Bolognese is a real treat for dinner!

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