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Quite simply, we want to make authentic, delicious, high-quality pizza accessible to as many people as possible.

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The Rainbow Vegan

Roast Vegetables

A plant-based kaleidoscope of colours and taste sensations. Roast vegetables marinated in a harissa paste, on a bed of baby chard and vegan MozzaRisella.

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The Smokin’ Vegan Pizza

Chargrilled Peppers
Succulent Sautéed Mushrooms
Organic MozzaRisella
Baby Spinach

One for the dairy-free decadents. Chargrilled peppers and succulent sautéed mushrooms nestled in a bed of MozzaRisella and finessed with a sprinkling of baby spinach.

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The Vegan Gardener Pizza

Sundried tomatoes
Organic MozzaRisella
Pesto Genovese

A plant-based menagerie of the highest order. Succulent semi-sundried tomatoes on a bed of vegan MozzaRisella, peppered with crunchy kale and garnished with Italian basil pesto.

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The Mozzarella Master Pizza

Creamy Mozzarella
Bocconcini Pearls
Sicilian Chopped Tomatoes

A back to basic classic for those who love the simple things in life. We topped our crispy artisanal crust with a generous helping of creamy mozzarella, bocconcini pearls and Sicilian chopped tomatoes.

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The Nudies

Buckwheat Flour
Rice Flour
Maize Flour

Perfect for the self-assured who like to bare all and get creative in the kitchen, or simply the indecisive who want a bit of everything. It’s pizza, just how you like it!

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