We know from speaking to you everyday that reducing your environmental impact is key and here at White Rabbit we’re keen to do our bit for a cleaner, more sustainable planet.

We’ve popped answers to most frequently asked questions below. If you’ve got any other ideas, questions or thoughts pop us an email to hello@whiterabbitpizza.co.uk.

Why are you still using plastic?

The plastic film around our pizza helps to keep them fresh and delicious for longer (without it they’d only be edible for a a day or two after we make them). 

We’re always on the hunt for more environmentally friendly plastics or ways to remove plastic completely. If you have any ideas get in touch at hello@whiterabbitpizza.co.uk

How do I recycle your packaging?

Our boxes and pizza disc are made from cardboard and can be recycled at home. 

Our plastic film can be recycled with plastic bags at larger supermarkets (we’re working on a list of stores with this facility!). 

What are you doing to improve?

We’re working hard to minimise our impact and are actively looking into how we progress our environmental agenda through 2022. This includes investigating whether we can track the carbon footprint of our pizzas, removing meat/dairy from our range and making plant-based food more widely available. 

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