We know from speaking to you everyday that you share our concern for reducing your environmental impact. As of today we’ve switched the plastic film around our pizzas to one made with at least 40% sugarcane. It feels exactly like “traditional” plastic and keeps the pizzas just as fresh. By making this switch, we’ll save roughly 18,700kg of CO2 emissions each year – equivalent to driving twice around the world. 

We’ve also listened to your feedback about the importance of fully topped pizzas and how key this is to keeping us special. Matteo has been busy in the bakery tweaking the proportion of base to toppings; we even created a formula for toppings per of cmour pizzas (the first time any of us have used Pi since school). We’ve kept the weight of our pizzas exactly the same, but improved the ratio of base to toppings. 

The new packaging and updated recipes are rolling into stores today (Fri 6th March). Get down to your local supermarket and let us know what you think at hello@whiterabbitpizza.co.uk!

Nick & Teo x

P.s. Our pizza boxes and pizza discs remain 100% cardboard and fully recyclable (no nasty polystyrene discs here!).

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