Our brand new photography! *GUEST BLOG*

Our brand new photography! *GUEST BLOG*

Hopefully by now you’ll have seen our lovely new pizza boxes and the delicious pizza photographs on the front of every pack! We thought this week it would be great to talk a little more about how this came together. We’re so excited to share a guest blog post from Steven, our photographer and creative director, from the lovely team at Pocket Creatives…

GUEST BLOG – Steven Mayatt (Creative Director, Pocket Creatives)
Considering the length of time we’ve been working in food photography, it’s amazing that we’ve had to wait so long to shoot pizza! Well here was our opportunity, presented to us by the guys at White Rabbit Pizza. At Pocket Creatives we work with a huge variety of different food and drinks producers, both ones you’ve heard of, and plenty that you’ll hear more from in future. We’ve covered everything from cocktails to insect protein snacks already, so pizza is one of those mainstream foods we definitely needed a slice of!

White Rabbit were looking for some new imagery for their full range both for on-pack imagery but also for social media usage. The way we typically shoot is to work by priority objective – in this instance, the on-pack imagery was the most important so we built the session around those, knowing that the extra shots, closeups and interaction shots would easily slot into the schedule alongside.

As there was a lot of prep and cooking involved, we also brought in the expert skills of food stylist Ella Tarn. While we’re great at capturing the right shots, I personally could burn a house down making a pot of tea, so my chef skills don’t quite match! As a general note, when cooking foods for camera, someone who knows how to expertly prep a dish is as important as the photographer.

Basing ourselves at the fabulous 69drops studio in London’s Whitechapel and their brand new kitchen studio, we worked from one pizza to the next, largely shooting top-down and then mixing in some handheld alternative angles. The lighting is usually set up just once to ensure that we can move swiftly as soon as the food is ready, making the most of it while it’s hot and in peak photo-able condition. Backgrounds were kept uncomplicated, slightly rustic, to complement the look of the pizza. Likewise with props, with limited real estate on packaging, we wanted to make sure that the food is always the focus, so the base and ingredients are what catch your eye not anything else.

What we’ve created here is a vibrant and detailed set of imagery, slightly over-sized to allow for easily re-positioning around the box artwork.

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