Our brand new frozen pizzas!

Our brand new frozen pizzas!

We are very excited to announce that we are launching 3 brand new frozen pizzas!

Our Sizzlin’ Jackfruit pizza is exclusively available to Co-op stores. Our award-winning gluten-free base is topped with jackfruit marinated in a deliciously smoky harissa sauce, chargrilled peppers, and the creamy MozzaRisella.





Our Vegan Margherita is a new addition to Sainsbury’s and is Teo’s take on an absolute classic. Our artisanal gluten-free base, topped with juicy sundried tomatoes, creamy MozzaRisella, and a drizzle of the finest vegan pesto you will ever experience!




Finally, we have the delectable Garlicky Mushroom! Also in attendance at Sainsbury’s. This one is a little different though, instead of your classic tomatoes sauce, we’ve topped this one with Teo’s tasty porcini sauce. The mushrooms don’t stop there though, with a helping of garlicky mushroom on top and creamy MozzaRisella, this one is really a mushrooms fiend’s dream!



We are so excited for people to try them. Tag us in a photo on Insta if you do: @white_rabbit_pizza_co #pertutti



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