‘Amazing gluten free pizzas’

‘Amazing gluten free pizzas’

Our company started in a pub, so we hold the foodservice industry very close to our hearts.

It is only right, that we create and offer a gluten-free pizza base like no other that is perfect for restaurants, cafes, bars and the such like!

Our gluten-free bases have won multiple awards including Free-From 2019 and Great Taste 2019. But the praises don’t stop there, the pub we started in uses our bases daily and are a key feature of their restaurant.

We spoke to Ed, the manager of the pub to get his thoughts:

“White Rabbit make without doubt the best quality gluten free pizza bases that money can buy.

We now have regulars who return again and again just because we offer our pizzas on their bases – we even have to explain to customers that their pizzas really are gluten free as they cannot believe that the bases are so good compared to what they have been used to!

Our gluten free offering has now become a major USP for us and continues to drive more customers through the doors.” 

Its not just Ed shouting about the bases, customers also notice, take a look at some reviews from Tripadvisor:

July 2021 – ‘Amazing gluten free pizzas’ 

June 2021- ‘Its very difficult to do a gf base, but WR have cracked it!’ 

November 2019 – ‘Gluten-free crust mind blown’ 

September 2017 – ‘Really is the best gluten free pizza in town’ 

Our bases are still produced in our bakery in Oxford, so we are right on anyone’s doorstep for UK deliveries. They come in 10″ or 12″ sizes, 15 in a case, all frozen. If you want award winning bases for your restaurant please get in touch with annie@whiterabbitpizza.co.uk


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