October 30, 2020

White Rabbit bases are now available to caterers, pubs, restaurants and cafes!

One of the UK’s leading frozen food distributors, Central Foods, are launching our vegan and gluten-free pizza bases for the food service sector for the very first time! Traditionally, pizza is an inclusive meal to be shared by all, and we wanted to ca...
August 14, 2020

Chocolate Pizza (Recipe)

Who said pizzas were only meant to be savoury anyway..? We’ve teamed up with Doisy & Dam to bring you this banger of a pudding pizza. Made with our delicious gluten free base and topped with melted chocolate, coconut, almonds, crunchy ballers...
May 11, 2020

Our brand new photography! *GUEST BLOG*

Hopefully by now you’ll have seen our lovely new pizza boxes and the delicious pizza photographs on the front of every pack! We thought this week it would be great to talk a little more about how this came together. We’re so excited to shar...
March 6, 2020

Our new packaging and pizzas!

We know from speaking to you everyday that you share our concern for reducing your environmental impact. As of today we’ve switched the plastic film around our pizzas to one made with at least 40% sugarcane. It feels exactly like “traditio...
February 7, 2020

Our Midcounties Co-op launch!

We’re very excited to announce that we’ve now launched in a number of Mid-counties Co-op stores, with the full list of stores below. Make sure to pick us up in your local store soon (and don’t be shy in sending us a snap on IG/Faceboo...
January 3, 2020

New Year, New Us...

Happy New Year to all of you! We have exciting news: White Rabbit is going meat-free ???? Trying to shake up a space that is dominated by big, established players without the budget for any significant data or market insight (cue violin music) means th...
November 1, 2019

White Rabbit's road trip to Booths

In order to support Our First promotion in Booths… …we decided to head to the north and sample our delicious pizzas in three of their stores. Over the past 2 days, we handed more than 600 samples of our Vegan Gardener, Smokin Vegan and Mozz...
September 17, 2019


The busiest show we have ever attended! We are absolutely thrilled to share with you that this summer at the Allergy and Free From Fair we could not catch our breath from cooking our pizzas and handling samples all day. All exhibitors offered phenomena...
August 30, 2019

Braised Tofu Pizza: Smoked Tofu & Pesto (Recipe)

Ingredients ‘White Rabbit Pizza’ Gluten Free Base (buy on Ocado) For the tomato sauce: 70g Tomato paste 1/2 tsp Oregano 1/2 tsp basil 1 tbsp Extra virgin olive oil a dash of hot water For the Tofu: 100g firm tofu (cut in small cubes) 1/2 tsp Smoked Pa...
August 22, 2019

Our delicious Mozzarisella

Pizza is all about cheese… …that’s why we are sourcing the best vegan cheese on the market made from brown rice. Teo recently returned to Italy to meet the two families behind our amazing MozzaRisella vegan cheese. Created from whole rice...

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